Hippie Tapestries: Versatility, Color And Flair

6. Backwoods Brown Hippie Tapestry

For a woodsy, earthy feel this tapestry is the way to go. The elephants bordering each side adds that extra special touch to the overall design. Bring the feeling of the outdoors indoors with its earth tone colors.

Backwoods Brown Hippie Tapestry

7. Large Mirrored Tapestry

This Mirrored and embroidered cloth in the Indian Kutch or Nepal Tibetan Hindi cloth style makes for a stunning hippie tapestry. A lovely decor element for your home, the mirrors are a brilliant added touch and can act as tiny little sun catchers when placed correctly.

Large Mirrored Hippie Tapestry

8. Vayu Queen Size Bohemian Mandala Bedspread

This makes for a stunning bedspread to add some bohemian flair and rich colors to your bedroom. Made for a queen sized bed this would also work for hanging on a wall or from your ceiling.

Vayu Queen Size Bohemian Mandala Bedspread

9. Roundie Mandala Gypsy Tapestry

I am in love with this gypsy tapestry. I love how it is unique in its round shape and features the fringe around the edges. Great for your wall, your bed, to take with you to the beach or on a camping trip. Amazing intricate details and colors.

Roundie Mandala Gypsy Tapestry

It was difficult narrowing these down as there are so many beautiful ones available. If you are still looking from something a little different from the ones listed here head over to Etsy to see more.

Which is your favorite? How would you incorporate a hippie tapestry into your home decor?




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