Hippie Tapestries: Versatility, Color And Flair

Hippie tapestries are a great way to add some beauty, color and art to your walls or throughout your home. They are versatile and can be used both indoors or out. Hang them on your wall as a piece of art, use them as an alternative to providing a little privacy between rooms or cover up unpleasant closet doors. Spread them across your couch, your window or even your bed. Use them as a beach blanket or for sitting around a campfire. However you choose to use or incorporate a hippie tapestry it is sure to inject a little bohemian flair and color into your life.

Here are 9 different hippie tapestries to help you get started on finding the perfect one for your space and style.

1. Elephant Hippie Tapestry

This hippie tapestry is beautiful in design, color and theme. I love elephants, they are such majestic, amazing animals and the idea of having one looking over you in your home is a lovely thought.

Elephant Hippie Tapestry

2. Oriental Dream Mandala Tapestry

This is a gorgeous handmade mandala design. The colors are rich and bold and has an alluring gypsy feel. Great for your wall, on your bed or for taking to the beach.

oriental dream mandala hippie tapestry

3. Sun And Moon Tapestry

For all the star gazers out there this is the perfect tapestry. Hang it from your ceiling or throw it on your couch to bring a little bit of the night sky into your home.

 sun and moon hippie tapestry

4. Sunset Mandala Tapestry Gypsy Beach Throw

A beautiful tapestry with vibrant colors, a great design and perfect for on the beach or in your home.

sunset tapestry 1 sunset tapestry 2

5. Ombre Blue Fringe Hippie Tapestry

Love this blue fringe wall hanging. It is not your traditional hippie tapestry but it is absolutely gorgeous and would look beautiful on your wall or even hanging across a window. Light and bright the blue ombre is stunning.

Blue Ombre Fringe Hippie Tapestry

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