What Is It About Long Hair? 9 Reasons I Am A Slave To My Long Hair

8. Cafune – Need I say more? True, it doesn’t matter the length when it comes to this, but for those of us with long locks it is like heaven.

cafune go hippie chic

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9. Donate It to a good cause. If you do decide to go for a change or just have enough to “spare”,  give your hair over to Locks of Love, for those battling cancer. Grow and repeat.


Apart from the one time my hair was cut short in the fourth grade, resulting in many tears and awkward hair moments of growing it back out, long has always been my choice of length. It is not because I consider it to be more feminine, but because of how it makes me feel. It is an extension of myself, my personality, my go hippie chic style.

Do you have long hair? If so, why do you love it? Share some of your favorite reasons and styles with us in the comments below.

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