To Do: Summer Bucket List

Fun In The Sun

I love the months of summer. A time of warmth, longer days, slowing down, and getting outdoors. Every season presents different activities or options to enjoy. Time goes by so quickly. Before we know it, it will be fall once again. This year I was given an amazing opportunity to stay with a friend in Hawaii. I decided to make a summer bucket list to help me take advantage of this beautiful place and time. To remind me to stay present and in the now. 

To Do : summer bucket list

summer bucket list

Summer Bucket List:

  1. Go to the beach, be one with the beach. Beach, beach, beach
  2. Swim in the ocean. A lot.
  3. Paddle Board
  4. Go hiking
  5. Swim by a waterfall
  6. Love my body
  7. Buy fresh flowers
  8. Shop at Farmers’ Markets
  9. Eat more fresh fruit
  10. Wear more flowers in my hair
  11. Read a book, or three, or five
  12. Leave my cell phone at home at least 3 times
  13. Manifest, create, explore
  14. Make sun tea
  15. Slow down, unplug, unwind
  16. Take at least 100 photos
  17. Write, write, write
  18. Watch the sun rise
  19. Practice yoga outdoors
  20. Wear sundresses
  21. Leave nothing but footprints
  22. Pick up trash left behind from others
  23. Sing a little everyday
  24. Play more
  25. Take in, notice, and honor all the beautiful nature and life around me 
  26. Learn to make a local favorite dish
  27. Drink more water
  28. Nap outdoors
  29. Go to an outdoor music concert or show
  30. Go snorkeling
  31. Learn to scuba dive
  32. Make a nature mandala on the beach
  33. Forget about the time
  34. Be spontaneous
  35. Host family or friends for a visit
  36. Share meals outdoors with new and old friends 
  37. Have long meaningful conversations
  38. Write myself love notes in the sand

Everyone’s summer bucket list is different depending on what they enjoy, where they live, and even where they are in life. What is on your summer bucket list?

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