The Saree Beauty Necklace For Your Romantic Side

Adorn yourself with the Saree Beauty Necklace created by Presh, and relish in expressing your romantic bohemian side. There is nothing quite like finding the perfect necklace to top off your outfit and lift your mood. Especially one that is stunning, hand-crafted and truly a piece of art.

Saree Necklace Phresh

I cannot express enough how happy I am that I recently found Presh, a small artist owned business, that designs and creates limited edition or one of a kind handmade treasures. Their creations are exactly what the free-spirited, bohemian, go hippie chic woman is always on the lookout for. Read more about who they are here.

About The Design:

The Saree Beauty Necklace features a romantic limited edition teardrop pendant on an oxidized chain, accented with 24K gold plated pyrite. The pendant is meticulously crafted from golden embroidered fabric and encased in time by hand shaped recycled glass.

Saree Necklace Phresh

How They Style It:

It can be worn for a long layered look or adjusted into a shorter statement piece. Their collection consists of stand alone statement pieces, such as there Saree Beauty Necklace, or can effortlessly be layered to create an eclectic look.

Saree Necklace Phresh

Why We Love It:

The craftsmanship and design alone is enough to make us want this unique, limited edition piece. We admire it’s romantic teardrop shape, amazing detail and environmentally conscious use of recycled glass. In addition, the versatility in how you can wear it makes it an adornment that fits many moods and outfits. Whether you pair it with a dressed up outfit or a casual day on the town look, it is an attractive piece. Romantic, elegant and beautiful.

Saree Necklace Phresh

How would you wear the Saree Beauty Necklace by Presh? Please share your thoughts in the comments below, we would love to hear from you.

All images belong Presh.

See the Saree Beauty Necklace here.

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