The Many Styles Of Hippie Dresses

Hippie Dresses Are The Dresses To Have

If you love variety from bold and funky, to sexy or romantic, than your wardrobe probably consists of a few fabulous hippie dresses. I love them myself and feel like I can find one to fit my mood or personality of the day easily.

During the 60’s and 70’s hippie style clothing was all the rage. While it may have gone through some changes and transformations over the decades, there are still hippie dress styles to this day that are popular and loved.

Hippie style clothing was born out of thinking outside the box. Hippies were creative and pulled from all different styles and eras to create the unique and fabulous style of what we now call hippie or bohemian chic.

Here are a few different hippie dress styles that range from long to short, simple to wild, and funky to romantic.

The Peasant Dress –

The peasant style dress is one of my favorite styles of hippie dresses. For me they are romantic and feminine, creating lovely, flattering silhouettes. The materials are usually made of lighter weight materials such as rayon crepe and often feature delicate details of lace and ribbon.

Bell sleeves, tiers, layers and embroidery are also wonderful design elements to the peasant dress look. They are comfort, beauty and style all wrapped in one and are popular in just about any length whether mini, midi or maxi.

I adore this peasant dress by Jayli.

peasant dress by Jayli

And this is another lovely one as well…

hippie peasant dress

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The Halter Dress –

Halter dresses and tops become extremely popular during the hippie era. With it’s simple cut, comfort and skin showing sexiness. Bras were being burned and women were experiencing a new found freedom, halter tops gave the right coverage with a sexy backless look. Hippie halter dresses come in a wide variety of designs. They are long, short, form fitting, loose fitting, and made with all types of materials. The halter is a staple in the hippie dress department.

Jayli Halter Hippie Dress

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Hippie Halter Maxi Dress

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The Tunic Dress –

The tunic style while similar to the peasant look has it’s own niche within the hippie dress styles. While they are often loose fitting and baby doll like in form they can also be a little more form fitted and are often made with lovely details to the sleeves or necklines.

Some can be a very simple loose fitting cut while others might featured a fitted bodice that flairs out more on the bottom. Usually short in style this a wonderful, fun and flirty hippie chic look.

Love these two looks by Free People.

tunic dress by Free People

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tunic dress by Free People

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The Maxi Dress or Long And Flowy –

Maxi is a general term used by many different genres of styles to express the length however, long dresses or skirts make up a big part of hippie fashion in general so I couldn’t leave this one out.

Long hippie dresses can be a mixture of all of the above and more. They can be halter or off the shoulder. They can be soft and simple in material and color, or bold and funky with patterns and tie dye. Most often they are loose fitting skirts with more form fitted top halves, but not always.

Of course, they can feature all the design elements we love in hippie dresses such as ribbon, lace, tiers and layers of materials.

maxi hippie dress

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maxi dress

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Design Elements We Love

Fringe Fun –

Fringe is a classic design element when it comes to hippie clothes and accessories. It can be found on just about any type of clothing – tops, pants, shorts, dresses. And on accessories and shoes as well – bags, scarves, boots, sandals and so on.

On hippie dresses fringe is a fun and flirty way to add some length and detail to a dress. Most often the fringe on dresses are found around the bottom of the hem, or on the sleeves.

fringe hippie dress by Jayli

Image via Psst…this darling is number is on sale!!

Crochet –

Crochet is a lovely classic element found on hippie dresses. Crochet became popular because it is something one can make on their own. During hippie times being creative and making your own clothing was the norm.

Not only did it save many hippies money, but it gave them a great deal of artistic freedom in designing their own new looks. It was from this way of thinking that crochet and another classic hippie style, patchwork, became so popular.

While there are hippie dresses that are completely crocheted, often times it is added as a sweet design element. Much like lace, embroidery or ribbon.

crochet dress

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crochet dress

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Bold Patterns and Tie Dye –

There is no doubt that hippie dresses can often be the talk of the party with their amazing bold prints and patterns. Often the inspiration of the nature or culture around the designers at the time, they are beautiful indeed.

hippie dress

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Of course we cannot forget gorgeous tie dye that is an art within itself. Mudmee tie dye is one of my favorites. Certainly not for wallflowers, these patterns are rich in color and are definitely a statement piece. However, even the more toned down or subtle look of ombre tie dye is stunning.

tie dye hippie dress

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Yes, hippie dresses are the dresses to have to express whatever mood you are in and feel wonderful while doing it.

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