5 Tea Flavored Desserts to Die For – Perfect for Fancy Parties

I love desserts. And, I also happen to love tea very much. If you put them together, I will love it even more! I mean, tea flavored desserts?

My sweet tooth cravings are so going to be satisfied, I might have another cup of tea before bed to settle my full tummy and make sure I don’t get indigestion.

One of my most favorite is Matcha green tea. I love the bitterness and I love how rich in can taste with something sweet. Have you tried Starbucks’ Dark Peppermint Mocha with Match Whipped Cream? That is my current addiction and if only they sell it, I would have stocked the fridge with it!

But, nevertheless, we’re bringing you some mouth watering tea flavored desserts on today’s list. Check em out!

Tea Flavored Desserts to Make at Home

Early Gray and Lavender Cake

tea flavored desserts

I don’t usually drink Earl Grey tea in the afternoon because it’s has a high caffeine content. But, if you put it in a chocolate cake laced with lavender? Why not?

Grab the recipe here!

Dark Chocolate Matcha Green Tea Truffles

Tea flavored desserts

Personally, I love tea flavored desserts that you can just easily pop into your mouth. These dark chocolate truffles are the perfect quick fix when you’re craving for both worlds.

See how to make it here!

Chai Tea Spiced Cake

tea flavored desserts

Caramel probably won’t be my first choice in frosting. But, on this case, it might as well be because of how its sweetness perfectly contrasts with the spiciness of the chai tea. Perfect balance!

Get the recipe here.

Berry Macarons with Hibiscus Tea Buttercream

tea flavored desserts

Flower teas are good as heck and my favorites are actually of the floral kind. Hibiscus tea is not the common flavor you’d find in your home cupboard but it tastes so good with berries. In fact, I spend prime money to get berry infused Hibiscus tea and where I’m from, that’s expensive. Use it in macarons and I can die happily!

Learn the recipe here.

Green Tea Banana Ice Cream

tea flavored desserts

Green tea is the most common tea you’d find in tea flavored desserts. It taste good with almost anything sweet and gives out such a lovely and appetizing green. Sweeten things up a bit with ripe bananas and make ice cream out of it!

Get this delightful recipe here.

There you go! Five tea flavored desserts you can make at home. Don’t be frustrated if you can’t get it right the first time. Practice is key!

If you want more tea flavored desserts, leave a comment below!

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