Tattoo Tights And Socks = Bold Fashion Fun

Enjoy A Little Sassiness In Your Stride

Tights and socks can be some of the most fun, funky and enjoyable accessories to include into your wardrobe. I am a huge fan of wearing bold socks and tights even when they cannot be seen. They always seem to put a little extra pep into my steps. A great way to express yourself, these tattoo tights and socks are a great addition to your closet.

Choose from tattoo tight designs that go from sweet and simple to bold and detailed, depending on your style preference, or mood. You will no doubt have fun adding some flair to your legs and feet with a pair or two of tattoo tights and socks.

Below The Knee Designs –

These tattoo tights and socks feature designs to highlight the calf area. Perfect to wear with ankle boots or heels.

Pine Tree Tattoo Tights –

Trees make for some pretty amazing tattoos and these tights offer a lovely hand painted one.

pine tree tattoo tights


Hand Painted Bee Tattoo Tights –

Show your love for the sweet honey bee.

bee tattoo tights


Peacock Feather Knee Highs –

Peacock feathers are always lovely.

peacock feather knee highs


Poppy Flower Tights –

A simple yet sweet poppy flower design.

poppy flower tights


Bird Tattoo Socks –

These are darling and unique, the added color is a sweet touch.

Bird Tattoo Socks


Upper Thigh or Peek – A – Boo Designs

These tattoo tights are perfect for when you are sporting your favorite mini skirts. They will look fabulous paired with your favorite knee-high boots, knee-high socks or heels.

Birds In Flight Tattoo Tights –

Love these birds in flight tattoo tights, they look great paired with knee-high socks.

Birds In Flight Tattoo tights


Metallic Tattoo Tights –

These are fun and sparkly, perfect for a night out or to wear to your favorite festival or music concert.

metallic tattoo tights


Red Roses Tattoo Tights –

If you are looking for something a bit more eye-catching and with bright color these red rose tattoo tights are a great way to go. Botanical art, they are hand painted onto the tights.

red roses tattoo tights


Cat Tights –

These cheeky cat tights would look sweet with some hot shorts.

Cat tattoo tights


These are just a few of the many different designs and options available in tattoo tights and socks. If you would like to see more fabulous designs check out TattooTightsTATUL or tattosocks for a great variety.










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