Summer Fun: Body Painting Ideas

For Festivals And Beyond…

Remember, when as a kid you would go to a fair or festival, most often during the warmer months of summer, and love to have your face or body painted? You could become anything, a butterfly, dragon, or a whimsical enchantress.

It was as though with every stroke you felt against your skin you soaked up some magical powers. Walking through the rest of your day feeling somehow empowered and imbued with a new found special energy.

body painting

To this day you can still see and experience youth beaming and glowing after having their faces painted and the joy it brings them. Why does that have to go away?

Why do we think, I am too old for that? It really is a pity and a shame when we feel we are no longer able to access the magic and life of art, color and paint on our face or bodies.

Body Painting Is About Expression Not An Age

body painting

Body painting should have no age limit, it is a beautiful, fun, carefree thing to include in our lives. Why not wear art in the form of paint on your skin? It isn’t permanent, so there is no long term commitment to it like a tattoo, if that is something that concerns you and well, let’s be honest it is fun. Hands down.

During this festival and summer season unleash your inner wild child with some great body painting ideas. Have fun, explore, and let your friend who is that awesome artist use your body as a canvas.

Perhaps, you are the artist, ask your friends if you can paint on them, or set up a booth at a fair or festival, it is really all up to you.

*If you are looking for a body painting starting kit check out this one or this one.

Another form of body painting that is amazing are henna tattoos. We share some awesome henna design ideas here, or gorgeous temporary metallic tattoos here.

Either way, here are a few creative and fabulous body painting ideas to get your creative juices going for the festival season and beyond.

1. Butterfly Wings

butterfly wings

2. Moon Goddess

Moon Goddess face painting

3. It’s All About The Rainbow

It's All About The Rainbow Body Painting

4. Daisy Chain

daisy chain face painting

5. Flower Bouquet – No Hair, No Care

Flower Boquet body painting

6. Patterns And Colors

patterns and color body painting

7. Bare Back Delight

Bare back body painting

9. Magical Daisies

Magical daisies body painting

What do you think of these awesome body painting ideas? What would you love painted on your body?

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