These Rustic Ornaments Are Every Hippie Chick’s Needs for a Boho Christmas Tree

I hear the yuletide bells ringing and see houses decorated with glistening lights. I can almost smell the peppermint candy canes hanging on the tree. Christmas is almost here and many of us are as excited as kids waiting for Christmas morning to open their presents!

Have you gotten around to decorating your tree yet? I have mine up but I might re-do it after seeing this awesome DIY ornament. It’s made of twigs and is very rustic.

I kind of got tired of the usual shiny balls, garlands, wreathes and glittered leaves. I’m going to give these twig ornaments a try.

Twig Ornaments


As much as you don’t want to believe it, these are actually DIY ornaments. The methods are very simple and the materials are not hard to find! This would be good project with your kids. Check out the full instructions here.

Boho Tassels

I love the tassels. It’s not the typical Christmas tree ornament you would expect to see but it works! And, even un-crafty people like me can make this! Get the instructions here!

Clay Feathers


The creator of this actually used this for a wedding table set-up but you can definitely use these to decorate your boho chic Christmas tree! Learn how to make these here.

Glittered Feathers


I love how rustic these glittered feathers look! Imagine how gorgeous these would look on a forest green tree! This is definitely a favorite for me. See how they made these here.

Dream Catcher 


Okay, scratch the previous statement. I’m terribly in love with dream catchers so the feathers might be my second favorite and this would be on top of my list. I never thought I would get a chance to make my own dream catchers! Find the full how-to here.

So, what are you waiting for? Get your materials ready and start creating your own boho Christmas ornament! You can also complete the decors by purchasing a boho or rustic wreath to hang on your front door!

Have a happy hippie Christmas!



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