Rendition Like No Other – Three Men Cover Beatles Hit Song In An Empty Church.

One of the Beatles most profound songs “Let It Be” has been one of inspiration for artists over the years. Over time there has been many covers of this hit song however very few come close to the majesty that is the original.

Three men from Utah who sing together in a vocal group joined one another in a beautiful church for a rendition of “Let It Be”. Their voices which could only be described as angelic gives you goosebumps. The name of this group is “Gentry” and this cover is certainly going to leave an Indelible impression

In respect of the song they also go over some of its history.The song was released Back in 1970 as a single. When it was released it had the highest debut on the On the Billboard Hot 100, it actually reached number six.

The song was written and sung by Paul McCartney. In actual fact it is the final single before McCartney announced that he was going to leave the band. Interestingly the “Let It Be” album and the US single the “Long and Winding Road” was released after McCartney left the Beatles.

The lyrics for “Let it be” came about  from a dream McCartney had about his mother in 1968. The songs reference to Mother Mary was in no way biblical. the inspiration for the song came from his mother who died of cancer when he was 14 later he said it was his mom who had told him “ it would be alright just let it be”.


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