Recycled Silk Saris Are Given New Life

A Stunning Collection By Jayli

Jayli has once again outdone themselves with this new gorgeous collection of recycled silk saris. The collection consists of 4 designs, a gypsy wrap top, a midi wrap skirt, their popular gypsy jacket done in a shorter length, and a long bell wrap skirt. These stunning items are only the beginning to an amazing Spring/Summer 2017 line.

As all of the items in this collection are made from recycled silk saris no two items will be the same. As part of my Journey With Jayli series, I remember the day Jayli found the beautiful saris. While looking for material for their new line, I ended up in a room with Christina and Liora that was filled with stacks and stacks of silk materials. I had no idea what I was looking at, of course they did, and clued me into the fact they were all saris.

Recycled Silk Saris Are Given New Life

There were saris of all different kinds of colors, patterns and designs. Both Christina and Liora went through piles and piles of them to find the ones they wanted for their new collection. Not only are no two pieces exactly alike, but the material used to make them were hand picked, no joke.

I am in love with all of four of these pieces and not just because they are made from recycled saris and the silk feels lovely against your skin. I also love the designs themselves, they are knock outs. It is hard to pick out a favorite. Depending on your mood or occasion I feel like one of these designs is bound to work.


recycled silk sari Gypsy Wrap Top by Jayli


This gypsy wrap top is definitely one of my favorites. I love the look of the big bell sleeves. I imagine Stevie Nicks rocking this, throw back to the 70’s, gypsy wrap top. The silk material gives an elegant element to this classic hippie chic look.

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recycled silk sari midi wrap skirt

This skirt is the perfect piece for your spring and summer wardrobe, it is stylish, sweet and versatile. An easy, comfortable fit it is perfect for dressing up or wearing over your bathing suit. Feels lovely on and can go from day to night no problem.

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