Over The Moon With These Gorgeous Handmade Ceramics

If you are moon lover like I am, you will no doubt find these handmade ceramics as whimsical and gorgeous as I do. MeadowCeramics, founded by artist, Caroline Arnecke, offers a beautiful array of handmade ceramics from platters, to bowls, to my favorite, Moon inspired wall hangings.

Honestly, I would enjoy owning any of her ceramic works, but I have an affinity towards the moon and these wall hangings are absolutely stunning. Ready to hang, these art pieces are charming and magical. Here is what Etsy shop owner and creator, Caroline, says about her work –

“Meadow Ceramics is unique ceramic in stoneware. The style is organic and Nordic with a hint of something natural and mysterious. I explore the tension between the functional and the artistic. The colors I use are inspired by the sea, forest, meadows, marshes and the night sky, giving an unconventional and unique expression.”

Here are few of my favorite moon pieces –

Galaxy Stoneware Moon

galaxy stoneware moonImage via

Speckled Stoneware Moon

speckled stoneware moonImage via

Crystal Stoneware Moonphase

Crystal Stoneware MoonphaseImage via

Galaxy Stoneware Moonphase

Galaxy Stoneware moonphaseImage via

Galaxy Planet Moon Wall Hanging

Full Moon Galaxy StonewareImage via

MeadowCeramics has a wide variety of ceramics to browse, be sure to check them all out. I am also really loving her Mermaid series of dinner plates. Seriously, would love to have a dinner party with these gems, they would make for a gorgeous bohemian table setting.

Mermaid Dinner plates

Image via

All images belong to MeadowCeramics

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