Opalite Soul Necklace

This gorgeous Opalite Soul Necklace is one of Presh’s best selling styles and it is easy to see why. My eyes were immediately drawn to the beauty of the stone and the elegant, clean design. The metallic gold finish of the leather compliments the 24K gold frame around the milky stone. The large teardrop shape of the Opalite is an eye catcher and compliments any outfit whether dressing up for the night or dressing for a day on the town.

Opalite Necklace by Presh

We love the versatility of this necklace as it can be adjusted to wear as a short statement piece around the neckline , or it can be worn long, as well as layered with other pieces.

Opalite Necklace by Presh

I am a fan of crystals and gemstones and their special properties. I love that Opalite is said to enhance psychic abilities and intuition. Any extra positive energy is a plus, even better, is when you can benefit from the energies of Opalite while wearing it in the form of a gorgeous necklace such as this one.

Opalite Necklace by Presh

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See the Opalite Soul Necklace here.

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