Ocean Inspired Jewelry By Presh

Do You Need Vitamin Sea?

Presh designs are an effortless blend of different medias from gemstones and leather to metals and rare vintage fabrics. Jewelry that embodies both the ethereal and natural elements. I imagine Goddesses and nature nymphs of the earth alike, adorning themselves with Presh jewelry. The pieces shimmer, they shine, and they feel glorious against your skin.

Lately, I have been drawn to Presh items that whisper to me of the ocean and seaside. Curious about the inspiration that went behind these designs, I was lucky enough to have a sit down with owner/artist/designer, Nicole Apostle of Presh, to find out more.

“Many of my designs were made while sitting on my deck, overlooking the ocean from my home in Northern California. The ocean is one of my main inspirations, a muse, you could say. It has been from the very beginning of when I started Presh.” Another reason to love her designs, we share the same affinity for the ocean.

What do you think it is about the ocean that never ceases to inspire and awe so many of us?

“For me, whenever I am standing on the shoreline, watching the waves, it feels like I am standing at the edge of the world. It can feel overwhelming, taking it all in, but at the same time, I feel connected to all other parts of the world. I mean, anything can wash up on the shore from anywhere in the world right?  You never know what treasures the ocean will present to you.”

I have to say, I love this sentiment, it is both romantic and tangible. I agree with her. The ocean is vast, expansive, it can make you feel small, yet there is a feeling of something more, something beyond the horizon, beyond yourself. A sense of hope and new beginnings.

Perhaps, it is the energy of the ocean that she used when creating these pieces that draws me to them? Or perhaps, it is their beautiful design and craftsmanship? I am confident it is both.

Walks Along The Northern California Shorelines 

Mantra Teardrop Earrings With Moss Agate

mantra teardrop earrings with moss agate presh

The ocean presents us with more shades of blues and greens than one can imagine. That is part of its beauty. Nicole pointed this out when she explained that the beautiful moss agate she chose for the design of her Mantra Teardrop earrings are a reflection of the deeper blue ocean color in Northern California.

Tear dropped shaped with gold brushed edges, they are stunning. Like droplets of water caught being kissed by the sun. Featuring faceted moss agate, they are about a 1”drop and each agate pair is unique in size and color, like the ocean itself.

Tropical Beaches And Ocean Breezes –

Ayu Ring With Aqua Chalcedony

ayu ring with aqua chalcedony presh

Aqua Chalcedony Oval Studs

Aqua Chalcedony Oval Studs Presh

In contrast to the moss agate, Nicole picked Chalcedony for the gem in these two lovely designs to carry us away us to tropical beaches and cooling ocean breezes.

Chalcedony belongs to the quartz family. Aqua Chalcedony is known for carrying the vitality of the ocean and is often called the speakers stone, as it helps with all matters of using one’s voice. Whether that be public speaking, singing, or trying to find the right words to express oneself clearly. It brings to my mind the stories and lore of mermaids singing to sailors traveling the seas.

The teardrop of the Ayu ring and oval stud shapes lend themselves elegantly to the element of water. Both creations feature faceted Aqua Chalcedony, to enhance their natural brilliance, and gold edges for that additional yet subtle richness.

These pieces can easily be worn casually or for a special occasion. They are a lovely, feminine touch, while adding just enough color and shimmer to your outfit. Wear them together for a complimenting look or as stand alone statement pieces.

Sea Glass Filled Shores –

Matte Amazonite Gemstone Stretch Bracelet

Amazonite Gemstone Stretch Bracelet Presh

When I first came across the Amazonite gemstone bracelet I couldn’t quite put my finger as to why it brought to mind the ocean.

“The Matte Amazonite stretch bracelet is an ode to my love of sea glass. I have a huge collection of sea glass pieces I have found on shores from around the world.”

Although more subtle in shine and shimmer, I adore this bracelet. It encompasses the effects of both the elements of water and earth so beautifully. The colors are a lovely variety allowing for it to compliment different outfits.

The Gem Of The Ocean –

Margot Post Earrings With Pearl

margot post earrings with pearls Presh

Pearls have long been revered as the gem of the ocean. In times past, owning a pearl was as valuable, if not more, than gold. Inspired to add pearls to her collection it wasn’t about the value but rather that pearls in their natural state offer a variety of shapes, colors and sizes.

Wear these gorgeous pearl earring studs and let them shimmer with their iridescent beauty. Presh uses organic pearls, each pair is one of a kind.

Adorn yourself with ocean inspired jewelry by Presh. Hand crafted, thoughtfully formed, and filled with the power and essence of the ocean. Designs that are both treasures and carry us to far away lands.

All images belong to Presh.

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