3 Kitchen Decorating Tips for a Modern Hip Monochromatic Theme

Looking for some kitchen decorating tips? The kitchen is said to be one of the best rooms of the house to host guests. Sure, we have the living room for that but once someone smells the mouthwatering aroma of food, without fail, that someone is going to walk into the kitchen and ask what’s cooking.

Pretty soon, you have a pack of hungry mouths in the kitchen waiting for you to take off your apron and ring the dinner bell. What better place to impress and socialize, right?

Personally speaking, a fab kitchen is an absolute must on my list. But this isn’t about what I know I want. This is about how anyone can achieve a modern monotonic yet seductively vibrant kitchen. Even in the world of fashion, chic and sleek always equal to black and white.

Get your pen and pad ready to take some notes because we’ll be giving you some valuable kitchen decorating tips on turning your kitchen black and white chic, sleek and never bleak.

Tip # 1 – Contrast

kitchen decorating tips

Black and white are the most contrasting colors yet they fit and match each other so well. Both colors highlight each other in a way where you can never go wrong. Applying these contrasts in perfect balance can change the entire feel of your kitchen.

Black has a more modern flare to it while more white has a homier feel. Find the balance of contrast like yin and yang. The two colors might differ strikingly but once you find your middle line of mixes, you’d definitely achieve the look you’re gunning for.

Tip # 2 – Material

kitchen decorating tips

Most commonly used material for cabinets are wood and glass. Wooden cabinets are more commonly used than glass ones because of its ability to be modern and traditional at the same time. On the other hand, if you want a sleek look, black or white glass cabinets will definitely get the job done. Wood and glass makes an excellent combo is if your cabinet doors have black wood lining and white tinted glass in the mid.

Tip # 3 – Highlight

kitchen decorating tips

The key to having black and/or white kitchen cabinets is how you highlight them. Pick the right color for your counter tops, walls, floors, trimmings and lights. Matching these properly creates the bold, chic and sleek vibe instead of a dark and depressing mood. For example, black cabinets pop out when you have a touch of red in the room either on your walls, furniture or lights. If you have a mixture of black and white, stainless steel lights will look absolutely stunning.

Using the perfect balance of black and white on your cabinets, it is not difficult to incorporate contrasting feels to your kitchen look. Subtle and vibrant elements can help channel and highlight your personality.

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