Loyal German Shepherd Never Leaves His Blind Best Friend

Dallas Animal Services has sheltered countless of stray dogs with countless tragic stories. A few years back, they rescued two German Shepherds, Bart and Babs, but they didn’t realize how closely bonded the pair were.

Both dogs were turned over to DFW Rescue Me and were given proper care. A specialist checked Babs and found out that she was suffering from having advanced glaucoma in both eyes. The shelter decided that it was best to surgically remove both eyes.

Babs was able to completely recover and was adopted by a foster home.

But sadly…

She was separated from Bart. She immediately started being nervous and always kept to herself. Everyone didn’t know what to do to make Babs happy again. That’s when Laura Cherry, Babs and Bart’s foster mom, realized that Babs started being reserved when she was separated from Bart. So they tried to reunite the pair and see how Babs would react.

blind german shepherd

Immediately after Bart arrived, Babs was completely different. It was obvious that the two were closely bonded and should’ve never been separated from the beginning.

After the two were reunited, Babs started playing again and was more open to people. It was incredible how quickly she was able to adapt to her new home with Bart always by her side, it was like she wasn’t even blind.

It was amazing what Babs could do with Bart constantly guiding her. She was always next to Bart, she followed him by hearing and smelling his presence. She’s extremely sensitive to Barts actions, this allows her to do things normally like pick up balls or get in the car.

According to Laury Cherry:

 “She generally stays a step behind him and listens and smells to follow his lead. She has amazing senses and will jump into the car exactly where he does, pick up the tennis ball where he drops it, etc.”

…And although Bart is a bit laid back and prefers to snuggle, he constantly keeps an eye on the now very playful and energetic Babs.


blind german shepherd

Because of the pair’s unbreakable bond, the rescue center is looking for a family that will accept them both. Both dogs are incredibly well-mannered and seeing their bond is extremely heart-warming.

For anyone interested in adopting Babs and Bart, please visit DFW Rescue Me.


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