Lovely Lilypad Jade Necklace

This lovely Australian Jade Lilypad Necklace can easily be worn from season to season, add a pop of color to your winter wardrobe, or accessorize your flowing summer looks. Not only do I love the fact it works wonderfully for all seasons, but it is a great style to layer with longer chains or alone as a statement piece.

Jade necklace by Presh

Did you know wearing Jade has protective properties as well? It is said to be one of the only crystals to not absorb any negative vibrations from external forces. In Asian traditions, it is used as a mediation stone and many Asian spiritual statues are made from Jade because of it’s strong qualities.

Jade necklace by Presh

Inspired by long weekends and nature walks, adorn yourself with this beautiful piece of art and benefit from the wonderful properties of Jade as well. A win-win situation. Not to mention how lovely you will feel wearing this gorgeous artisan necklace.

All image belong to Presh.

See the Australian Jade Lilypad Necklace here.

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