Looking For A Versatile And Flirty Mini Skirt?

This Jaipuri Patchwork Design Is The Answer

This mini skirt by Jayli is fun, flirty, and versatile. It is easy to see why it is one of their most popular designs. A wonderful piece that fits a variety of body types and creates a sweet and flattering silhouette.

Jayli Hippie patchwork skirt

I really love this Jaipuri mini skirt for a few reasons. First, I am a huge fan of patchwork and this one is made of up-cycled material, so less waste is being put out into the world. Each piece is its own unique collage of patterns and prints.

Jayli Jaipuri Patchwork skirt

The over-dye or tie dye gives it a finished and cohesive look. It can literally go with so many different tops and every color of the rainbow. Honestly, you can go from wearing this skirt on the beach over your bathing suit to a night out with a sexy halter top. Dress it up or wear it casually.

A great traveling piece too, because of its versatility. It is a breeze to pack, extremely comfortable and an easy fit with its bobbing waistband. If you have a smaller bust you can even wear it as cute tube top.

jayli patchwork hippie skirt

Super flirty and fun this Jaipuri Mini Patchwork Skirt has great movement to it. I expect to spend many a night and day dancing away in this awesome piece.

All images belong to Jayli.

See the Jaipuri Mini Patchwork Skirt HERE.

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