Liquid Bead Love – A Bracelet Set In Silver Or Gold

I am in love with this liquid bracelet set by Presh and it’s easy to see why. Available in either silver or gold it is a bracelet I can see myself wearing on a daily basis. Perfect for any occasion, it adds that extra touch and sparkle to any outfit.

liquid bead bracelet set silver by Presh

The different strands with varying bead sizes (in either tones of silver or gold) gives it that lovely layered look in one piece. I also adore the fact that it is a stretch bracelet, it makes it easy and comfortable to wear. The beads feel good against your skin and the weight of it is just right, you will even forget you are wearing this gem of a piece it fits so nicely.

Liquid Bead Stretch Bracelet sets in silver and gold by Presh

Wear the liquid bead stretch bracelet set alone or pair it with other Presh bracelets for a more dramatic look. I have actually come to really enjoy wearing two or more of their pieces together. It looks fantastic and really creates that boho chic eccentric look. Not to mention it is a quick and fabulous way to change-up or spice up your accessories.

Liquid Bead Bracelet Set In Silver Or Gold by Presh

The liquid bead bracelet can go from a day at the office into an evening on the town, no problem. Have fun mixing and matching it with other metals, stones or gems depending on your mood and outfit. It is like the little black dress of bracelets, the go to essential to have in your wardrobe, that looks great on and feels wonderful wear.

liquid bead bracelet gold by Presh

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See the Liquid Bead Bracelet Set in Silver Here and Gold Here.

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