Journey With Jayli – Nepal And Thailand

A Look Into The World Of Design

For the past 20 years Jayli has traveled to Nepal and Thailand to design their line of hippie bohemian clothing. This last year, I was given the amazing opportunity to go with them, documenting their design process and seeing first hand the factories, manufacturers, and ultimately the spirit and love that goes behind Jayli and their business.

Christina and Liora in Thailand

Christina and Liora showing their love with one of their Thailand manufacturers.

You may be wondering why they asked to me go. I was invited because if you follow Go Hippie Chic than you already know we write quite a bit about their clothing. This was an opportunity for me to not only learn about how they design their clothing, but how does that look in a less developed country? It is a genuine concern, rightfully so, for many of Jayli’s customers to be reassured that the garments they are purchasing are fairly made.

We often hear about horrible stories of sweatshops and child labor in third world countries, where they are paid poorly and forced to work in unhealthy and dangerous environments. I am happy to say that this is NOT the case with Jayli Clothing at all. While I cannot speak for every manufacturer in Thailand or Nepal, I can say that those that Jayli works with treat their employees fairly (no child labor), providing them with good wages and safe work environments. You can take a tour of one of their factories HERE.

Arjuns Office in Nepal

Liora and Christina taking a much-needed break with one of their awesome Nepalese manufacturers, Arjun.

Beyond learning more about the amazing process Jayli goes through to create their new garments, the trip was a wondrous delight for all my senses. The people, the culture, the experiences, and what I learned is now a part of me, one I will never forget.

Traveling often provides us with a new way of seeing the world. This trip did that and more for me. I formed new friendships, met some wonderful people, experienced a new culture and gained an even greater love and respect for Jayli clothing.

Kathmandu view

A view of Kathmandu, Nepal from the Monkey Temple.

It is difficult to understand or comprehend the positive impact Jayli, and ultimately the impact we, as their customers, have on the community of people they work with until you see it first hand. It is eye-opening, giving one a much greater appreciation for what Jayli stands for. My hope is by sharing my journey with Jayli, I can impart some of that to you.

I also hope to give you some great travel tips, mostly to Kathmandu, Nepal but also Bangkok, Thailand. Places to visit, a few off the beaten path experiences and professional people you might like to connect with in regards to travel tours, astrology readings and more.

I feel so grateful and blessed to have had this amazing experience with Liora and Christina and to be able to share it with you all. I hope you enjoy this adventure with me and sharing the journey with Jayli.

Liora, Sonia, Christina in Kathmandu

Pictured left to right is Liora, myself, and Christina.

*I am excited and pleased to say you can also read about my Journey With Jayli on Jayli’s Blog where I go much more into the design process.

Images belong to Go Hippie Chic & Jayli








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