Flower Crowns: Beautiful Inspiring Flower Crowns

Two girls wearing yellow and green flower crowns
Spring Flower Crown

This photo makes me think of my sister(s),…two kindred souls being nymphs in the wild..Inspiration here

Oversized Pink Flower Crown
Vintage Flower Crown

I love the vintage feel of this photo and that her flower crown is big, abundant, luscious, and full. Inspiration here

Bright Flower Crown

She reminds me of Little Red Riding Hood, or Goldilocks all grown up, no longer lost, confident of traveling through the woods. I seem to be unable to find the origin of this photo if you know it please post it in the comments below.

A flower crown with one large flower surrounded with smaller ones.
Bridal Flower Crown

Wedding day with flowers in her hair…Inspiration here

delicate small purple flower crown
Delicate Flower Crown

This is a sweet delicate flower crown, a perfect added touch any day  Inspiration here

Long pink hair with a pink flower crown
Pink Flower Crown

There is something so enchanting about the wind, the flowers in her hair, the blazing fire in the distance…For me it is “Looking into the future as the past burns away” Inspiration here

Free People Flower Crown

Why I love Free People..they appreciate and create flower crowns we can wear every day..Free People Crown

An Autumn Flower Crown
Harvest Flower Crown

The simplicity of a single braid with a flower crown.  Inspiration here

White Flower Crowns

Wood Nymphs with flowers in their hair…Inspiration here

Now that you are inspired to wear flowers in your hair go here to learn how to make your own gorgeous flower crown.


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