How To Make A Flower Crown

Flowers in Your Hair

A flower crown is fun, timeless and beautiful. It is easy to learn how to make one and they are perfect for festivals, parties, weddings, wearing them just because, and even giving them as gifts. I fell in love with wearing flowers in my hair many moons ago and I still love doing so today.

Flowers are beloved and wearing them has been around for ages. In many cultures wearing flowers can have different meanings, such as whether one is married or single. They are wonderful for celebrating solstices and is an accessory that has no age limit. Flowers always look beautiful on no matter what the occasion. 

Flower Crowns can be made with both real flowers or silk flowers. I choose silk flowers for this particular flower crown because it was gift and I wanted her to be able to wear it and use it as often and for as long as she wanted.

If you are looking to make flower crowns for a wedding or other special occasion fresh flowers are great, they can be hung up to dry after the event becoming a beautiful keepsake. Even if you choose silk flowers they also make a lovely keepsake. Really, you can’t go wrong.

Flower crowns are not only limited to being used in the spring or summer either, you can create wonderful crowns during fall and winter as well. It is just a matter of the flowers and foliage you use.

They can be as elaborate or simple as you choose with freedom of colors, flower types and adding accents such as ribbons or feathers. The options are limitless.

Picking Your Flowers

Flower Bouquet

This is one of my favorite parts of making a flower crown. Whether making a crown with real or silk flowers it is fun to “pick” them out and make a bouquet that is full of the flowers and colors you love.

When I was picking flowers for this particular one, I thought not only of spring flowers, but colors that would look beautiful on my niece, who I was making this for, as well as making sure to include a few of her favorite hues.

When I am picking out the flowers, I always try to arrange the flowers as if they are a bouquet I am holding in my hand to get a good idea of how they will look together. This way I can get a good idea of how the colors, shapes and foliage will blend together.

Gather Your Supplies – What You Will Need

flower crown supplies

Making a flower crown does not take much. 

– Flowers – Obviously 😉

– Regular Craft Scissors – For cutting the ribbons and the floral tape.

– Floral Tape

– Floral Wire – You can get thicker wire; however, it is more expensive, can be harder to work with and not a necessity. The floral wire may seem thin and flimsy but you are going to double or triple it, as well as be covering it with floral tape giving it extra strength and durability

– Wire Cutters – I cannot say how handy wire cutters are. Not only for this project, but if you like doing crafts often they can quickly become a favorite and extremely handy tool

– Pliers – These will save your fingers when wrapping the wire around the flowers and crown, also it is very difficult to wrap wire tightly without a pair.

– Ribbon – This is optional to add but not required.

Creating the Crown

wire crown

Step #1

The easiest way to fashion the crown is to wrap the wire around your head three or four times, give it a little room. You do not want it to be too tight.

Doing it a few times reinforces it. If it is for someone else try to get their measurements or do your best at estimating. 

Tape the ends together with the floral tape to keep it in place and from the wire poking.

Creating Bundles and Wire Wrapping

flower bundle

Step #2

After you have made the crown it is time to get to work with the flowers. When cutting the flowers it is a good rule of thumb to leave a minimum of 2 inches of stem to work with.

If you are creating a bundle of flowers you would like together in one spot than wrap them with wire first, as shown in the photo above.

Than wrap the bundle with wire to the crown. If it is only one flower you wish to attach, such as a large daisy, than you need only wrap it directly onto the crown.

*You can make a flower crown without wire or creating bundles, particularly when working with fresh flowers. Wire wrapping the bundles reinforces them which, if you are looking to wear it more than once, is a good idea.*

Wrap it With Floral Tape

bundle attached to crown

Step #3

Using the floral tape, wrap it around the stems and wire, reenforcing the shape of the crown and ensuring it stays attached to the crown, as shown in the photo.

The floral tape also prevents the wire from poking the head of who ever is wearing it, on top of giving it a more finished, polished look.

Repeat Until Complete

making progress on the flower crown

Step #4

As you begin attaching the flowers to the crown make sure you are doing it in the same direction.

This is easiest and best for a flower crown that you are not looking to attach any ribbons to. It creates a wreath that has no starting or ending a point.

If you would like to attach ribbons as I did, than a directional change will be required at some point, so that the flowers look as though they are growing out from the back.

The best way to accomplish the directional change is to do it not front and center but off to one side. Also if you can, cross a longer stemmed flower behind a shorter one so that it does not stand out and looks natural.

Adding Ribbon (Optional)

Attaching Ribbon To A Flower Crown

Step #5

If you would like to add ribbon to the back of the crown then leave about two inches free of flowers in the back, covered with floral tape. Length, color and amount of ribbon is personal preference.

I attach them by cutting a long string, folding it in half, slipping the ends through itself over the crown, pull tight and tie a knot at the base for added reinforcement.

Viola! You have a beautiful flower crown complete.

Flower Crown Compelete

My niece loved it 🙂

my niece wearing the flower crown

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