Holiday Wrapping Bohemian Style

Gift wrapping can be an art or even part of the gift itself. No matter what the gift, small or large, dazzle your friends and family with these lovely bohemian style wrapping ideas. Showing that extra little something in your wrapping goes a long way. We often forget that it is the thought behind the gift giving that matters. It is always lovely to receive a gift filled with the love and care that went into it… it’s even better to give one.
Nature tends to take front stage with these bohemian style wrapping ideas as well as being eco-friendly too. You can be as creative as you wish. These are meant to be a starting point of inspiration for your gift giving, not only during the holidays, but year round as well.

For The Love Of Flowers

Flowers take center stage with this sweet idea. You can either use paper with floral prints, plain brown wrapping, or even an old paper bag. Embellish with beautiful, colorful flowers. Use fresh flowers from your garden or from your local florist, make them into a small wreath, or simply tape them onto the gift. The wreath is a darling idea and if you feel so inclined you could do a small garland or lei like this one made from roses. They are easy to make and are a great keepsake, as it looks beautiful even when dried out.

bohemian style wrapping with flowers

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bohemian gift wrapping

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