Your Heart Will Melt With These Before And After Pictures Of Animals Finding A Forever Home


Happiness After Shelter Life

This video showing images of animals before and after they have been adopted from a shelter proves how much animals really do feel. It is sad to think there are still humans who think our fellow animals lack intelligence and emotions.

It is heartbreaking to clearly see how sad and dejected these furry friends feel while being kept in a shelter. The bright side to all of this though is the pure joy and love that radiates from them once they are brought into a loving home.

The expression in their eyes change dramatically. They even look healthier with shiny coats of fur and a brightness to their energy. Animals are a gift. They give us a love that is unconditional and often become a beacon of light in our daily lives.

Animals are not beneath us and our pets quickly become an important part our families. Most pet owners cannot imagine their lives with out them.

It is apparent that some of these animals were neglected or even abused, yet the transformation they undergo once in a loving environment is powerful. It proves the power of love is an amazing force.

If you are looking to adopt a pet be sure to go to your local shelter, they are in need a loving home, it will be a mutual rescue. Not only will the difference you make in their life be significant, they will without a doubt make a difference in yours too.


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