Hand Crafted Jewelry By Tibetan Artisans

Jayli Tibetan Jewelry

Silver plated with beautiful traditional stones and buddhist inspired designs, each hand crafted piece of jewelry tells its own story full of love and culture. For thousands of years Tibetan artists have sparked intrigue and amazement with their unique style and detail. Turquoise and coral are highly revered, as they are believed to have tremendous protective and healing powers.

Hand Crafted Jewelry Jayli


Wear any of the hand crafted jewelry by Tibetan artisans and you will find that it is all it takes to feel like a goddess. With exotic and esoteric beauty you can change not only the outfit you put on but your spirit as well. Bangled bracelets for a casual day, silver and turquoise earrings for everyday fun or adorn a masterpiece necklace and have everyone asking you “where did you get this magnificent piece of art?”

Hand Crafted Jewelry Jayli

Earrings Handcrafted Jayli

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