Hair Aftercare: After The Beach Or Swimming Pool

Summertime Can Be Hard On Your Tresses

Summertime is one of my favorite seasons, I love the water activities, beaches and warm evenings when meals can be enjoyed and shared outdoors. However, summertime can be hard on our skin and hair, the sun itself, the chlorine from swimming pools and the salt of the sea.

All elements of which can be harsh on our hair and skin. Hair aftercare, while it may not be the first thing we think of after a day on the beach, or by the swimming pool, is something to take into consideration.

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Hair By Ashley –

I recently went and had my hair done from my awesome hairdresser, you can check out her Facebook page here – Hair By Ashley. If you are located near her, I highly suggest you go to her, especially if your are looking for an amazing color or dye job. Seriously, check out some of these images from her Facebook page…

Hair By Ashley


While I was there we started talking about hair aftercare. How you should give your hair some love especially if swimming a lot in pools or the ocean. Ashley suggests, in particular for blondes, to use a purple shampoo to wash your hair with. This is in order to avoid getting that green tint that can occur from swimming, particularly in pools.

She prefers Schwarzkopf, for the majority of their product line, otherwise asking your hair dresser for a recommendation is probably the best way to go. Use it after any water activities to keep the green away and your locks looking fresh.

A clarifying shampoo is also a good one to go with for any hair color or type. It will get rid of build up, like sea salt, without stripping your hair, which is a good thing. She suggests using the clarifying shampoo about once a week, it is not necessary to use daily.

Ashley also recommends using a silkening oil treatment or hair moisturizer. I am pictured holding Ashley’s favorite one to use below, Aquage. She used it on me that day with great results.

aquage silkening hair treatmentEssentially, keeping your hair moisturized and using the right shampoos are key to hair aftercare. At least that isn’t too complicated, so no excuses right?

Girl in Thailand wearing a sun hat

On another note, don’t forget to wear hats or stay in the shade when it is too hot, or for over exposed amounts of time. It is possible to get a sunburn on your scalp and that is no fun. Luckily, hair aftercare is not to difficult, and our tresses deserve a little extra love and care after a day in the sun.










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