Get The Look : Lovely Layered Bohemian Necklaces

This season adorn your neck with a layer of bohemian necklaces. A fabulous hippie chic look, layered necklaces are perfect for any occasion, and an awesome way to express your style.

From chokers to long chains, jewelry designer Presh, has a gorgeous collection of handmade bohemian necklaces to help you get the look you desire. I love the way they pair chokers with long chains and mix up the media of leather, crystals, and chains.

There are no real rules when it comes to layering your favorite bohemian necklaces, still I love getting inspiration from designers. For example, take a look at this Presh designed layered bohemian necklace look.

Presh Bohemian Layered NecklacesThey created three distinct layers of length and it looks amazing. The choker is simple, yet bold in black suede with a sparkly druzy pendant.

druzy suede choker

Perfectly paired with their fierce crescent horn necklace on gold leather.

crescent horn necklace

Followed by their stunning and popular starburst quartz necklace.

starburst quartz necklace

All three of the pieces come together for an amazing cohesive layered look.The best part is you can wear each of these pieces on their own, or take your outfit from day to night, by adding or subtracting a necklace or two.

Here is another fabulous way Presh gets the look. They paired layers and layers of long necklaces in complementing turquoise and gold.

Long layered bohemian necklaces

A Presh favorite, their Pebble Bead necklace instantly adds a full layered look.

Pebble bead necklace

Layered with their lovely Gemma Strand Necklace.

Gemma Strand Necklace

Polished off with their gorgeous Amazonite Arrow Necklace.

amazonite arrow necklace

You can go bold in your layered necklaces or delicate, it is completely up to you and your mood. What is your favorite way to layer bohemian necklaces?

All images belong to Presh

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