For The Love Of Hippie Clothes – An Ode To Self Expression

Hippie Clothes Equal Freedom Of Expression 

From feminine and flowy to bold and bright, there is an amazing array of styles to express yourself with hippie clothing. Whether you prefer the romantic boho look or the fun and funky hippie side of tie dye and bell bottoms, it is all about your own freedom of expression.

The love of hippie/bohemian style has never gone away. With each new generation they bring their own twist and view to the world of hippie fashion.

Classic Hippie Styles 

As with every fashion style, there are classic basics or stand out styles that are clearly from their genre and hippie fashion is no different. As a genre it has quite a few favorites and then some. Here are a few classic hippie/bohemian styles that most all hippies own in one form or another in their closet.


Patchwork is a definite favorite in the hippie fashion world, it is colorful, each piece is unique, and they are environmentally fantastic as the garments are typically made with recycled materials. There is no shortage of patchwork and some garments are an amazing piece of art to wear.

gypsy patchwork jacket by Jayli

I love this Gypsy Patchwork Jacket by Jayli.

Patchwork came out of creating something that was creative, low cost and unique. Hippies would buy or swap clothing and from it create their own “patchwork” from the material. Making them into skirts, pants, jackets, purses and tops.

patchwork maxi skirt by jayli clothing

A gorgeous patchwork maxi skirt. Image via


Probably the most recognizable style of hippie clothing is tie dye. It is bright, colorful, creative and not for the wallflowers of the world. Tie dye is not as simple as many might think and are truly pieces of wearable art.

Tie dye has come a long way and has constantly grown and changed from your most well known classic tie dye to mudmee tie dye, batik, and the popular trend of today, dip dye or ombre. All these styles are done using a tie dye technique.

Classic tie dye while most well known for bright bursts of colors can also be simple and subtle in color and design.

tie dye cover up by jayli

Image Via

I am a huge fan of mudmee tie dye, it is one of my favorites for sure. It is a technique used in Thailand and produces amazing colors and patterns. It creates garments that can be dressed up or dressed down. 

mudmee dress by Jayli clothing

A gorgeous mudmee dress. Image via

Batik tie dye is more involved in that you use wax to keep areas of the garment dye free. This allows for some intricate and stunning designs.

batik yoga pants

Lovely yoga pants by Sacred Wilderness

Dip dye or ombre style is a garment that gradually changes color usually going from top to bottom. It is currently one of the hottest ways to dye your hair too.

dip dye top by Jayli clothing

A beautiful dip dyed top for a more subtle tie dyed look. Image via


One of the wonderful things about hippie clothing is that it creates these beautiful garments that may be simple in design or material but create lovely silhouettes. Bell sleeves, low necklines, loose fitting, often made with lightweight materials and embellished with touches of embroidery, lace or silk.

peasant dress by Jayli

I am adoring this peasant dress. Image via

And this one…

peasant dress

The Peasant Slip by Free People

These peasant blouses are lovely…

peasant blouse by Jayli clothing

Image via

peasant blouse by Free People

Image via


Halter tops became a favorite because they are comfortable, easy to wear and go with just about everything. They are perfect for warm weather, layering and dancing the day and night away at festivals. During the 60’s, without the need or societal norm of having to wear a bra these became quite popular. Today we have many other options than just going without a bra while still being able to wear the fantastic and sexy halter top.

halter top

Image via


Who doesn’t love a fabulous pair of bell bottoms, certainly an iconic look from the 60’s and 70’s of the hippie fashion world and still worn today. They look great on and add lovely movement to your step. Some bell or flair bottoms are made with different material to really make them pop.

Jayli pants

Tie dyed, patchwork bell bottoms by Jayli. I feel like Janis Joplin would’ve rocked these 🙂 Love them.

Or even these.

Free People bell bottoms

Image via


While short skirts were still popular broom skirts or as they are more commonly called today, maxi skirts, became a hit. They are comfortable, feminine, flow and allow for easy freedom of movement. Romantic and fun, maxi skirts are made with a variety of materials and patterns.

maxi skirt by ablaa

A lovely maxi skirt by Ablaa

The Added Flair of Hippie Accessories

We cannot talk about hippie fashion without discussing the lovely accessories that really finish off the look and style.


Honestly, who doesn’t love wearing flowers in their hair? They add that special touch of beauty and nature to your outfit. Not only for weddings and special occasions flower crowns can be worn year round, made yourself or created by a designer to last for more than a few wears.

flower crown

Image via

flower crown

Image via


There are a lot of ways you can wear a head scarf and they look great. Perfect for bad hair days or those days when you need that extra little something to add a bit of flair to your outfit. Headbands are treat any day of the week.

hippie head scarf

Image via

hippie headband

Image via


Whether it is necklaces, bracelets or rings adorn yourself with layers of them. They look beautiful against the silhouettes of hippie clothing and are yet another wonderful form of self expression. 

arm candy by preshshop

Love me some arm candy by Presh 🙂

Icons Of The Hippie/Bohemian Style

When we think of hippie clothing there are more than a few icons that stand out. To this day they still provide us inspiration both personally and in the world of hippie fashion. Here are just a few that have become well known icons for their music, life and style.


To me she embodies the bohemian, gypsy side of hippie clothing with long, flowy, pieces layered together beautifully. Mixing a maxi skirt with great knee high boots and a peasant top. Even when she was wearing simple bell bottoms with a great top and a few essential accessories she looked amazing and still does.

stevie nicks bohemian style
stevie nicks 2
stevie nicks 3

Images via, via, via 


I love her bold statements and mixing of materials and patterns. She is the quintessential Woodstock hippie. Bold colors and patterns, tie dyed dresses, amazing long coats and tops, grand accessories of hats, scarves and jewelry. She rocked stand out unique pieces mixing in her own flair.

janis joplin
janis joplin
janis joplin

Images via, via, via


The Grateful Dead were not only one of the most well known bands of the hippie movement but they created their own sub culture within it. They’re followers are lovingly known as “dead heads”. Their music and artwork created the popular Steal Your Face and Dancing Bear icons that can be found on many different garments and products.

Grateful Dead
grateful dead

Images via, via

Did I miss any of your favorite classic hippie clothing? Please share your thoughts in the comments below we love hearing from you.

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