Flared Bell Bottom Pants Equal Fun & Freedom

A good time out with friends, dancing and twirling in these awesome flared bell bottom pants by Jayli, is exactly what the universe is calling me to do. For me, there is nothing quite so liberating as putting on an outfit that brings out the fun and funky side of myself.

I know that might sound so simple to some however, for me clothes are an extension of myself, of my self-expression. It feels good and it helps me to let go, let loose, if even only for a few hours.

flared bell bottoms pants

When I came across these fabulous flared bell bottom pants, I immediately imagined the way in which they would swish around my ankles with graceful movement and color, how the soft material would feel great against my skin. Yup, I want these pants.

About The Design:

Made from 95% cotton and 5% lycra they are stretchy and comfy. The fold over waist features cinches on the side so you can adjust it to your preferred length. The outer stitching adds another level of character, detail and overall design.

Flared Bell Bottom Pants

How They Styled It:

These pants are so fabulous, honestly, pairing them with any number of Jayli’s solid tops works great. Here is how to get their full looks:

For warm climates or working up a sweat they used their stylish, functional and versatile rib caged back bralette, it looks super cute paired with the flare bottom pants.

Flared Bell Bottom Pants

For more coverage they paired it with their spandex wrap top, accessorizing with this beautiful five strand coral necklace.

Flare bell bottom pants

Why We Love It:

There are so many reasons we adore these pants. They have such character and flair, from the mix of the tie dyed and solid panels at the flared out bottoms that will dance and move with you to the wonderful tie dyed fold over waist you can use as mini skirt or a belt. Every detail adds character and versatility, providing so many options on how and where you choose to wear.

Flare bell bottom pants

All pictures belong Jayli.

What do you think of these awesome flared bell bottom pants? Share your thoughts in the comments below, we would love to hear from you.

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