Fiery Femininity With This Pele Goddess Inspired Tunic

It made me swoon even more over this brilliant tunic, and of course how creative and empowering Jayli is overall. I love how they consistently strive and achieve to include empowerment in their clothing, whether through functionality, style, or how it is made.

This stunning Pele Tunic embodies the fiery, passionate, powerful energy of the femininity. The rayon/spandex mix of material is extremely soft and hugs in all the right places. You can pair this tunic with a variety of bottoms from jeans to leggings to a maxi or mini skirt.

Pele Goddess Inspired TunicDon’t forget the awesome ability of being able to use the extra material around your shoulders as a hood. A brilliant idea if all of sudden caught in colder weather or rain. No detail was spared on this goddess inspired Pele Tunic.

All images belong to Jayli

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