Fiery Femininity With This Pele Goddess Inspired Tunic

When I first saw this stunning Pele tunic designed by Jayli I instantly feel in love with it. A perfectly brilliant Jayli design, I knew I wanted one. However, I was curious as to why they named it the “Pele Tunic”. I knew there had to be a story a behind it, so naturally, I asked what their inspiration was.

Jayli responded with “We asked our master tie dyers to give us something with a color palette of warmth, of passion, and they presented us with this amazing technique.” It makes sense that after seeing the gorgeous tie dye fiery femininity sprang to their minds.

Pele Goddess Tunic“We call this the lava effect. Obviously, with lava, is fire and volcanoes. When we saw it, it made us think of the Hawaiian Goddess Pele. A well known and revered goddess of fire, lightening, dance, and wind. We loved the connection… and the Pele Tunic was born.”

Pele Goddess Inspired Tunic

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