Feeling Sleep Deprived?

Herbs For a Better Night Sleep.

I tend to bark a lot about this subject but sleep deprivation really makes life difficult. I feel that it all begins with sleep, poor sleep habits can generally lead to poor lifestyle habits which in turn can have a bad effect on your health. I just know from personal experience that energy is everything. The way I feel makes my day. Here are five herbs for a better nights sleep.

1 – Chamomile
2 – PassionFlower
3 – Lavender.
4 – Valerian
5 – Lemon Balm

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This herb in the daisy family is commonly found in herbal tea selections around the world. Although it is often recommended for digestive complaints, it is also helpful to calm the nerves and to relax tense muscles, which can help you improve your sleep quality.

This perennial vine makes unique flowers and was historically used as a sedative. A study published in 2011 in the journal Phytotherapy Research found that taking 1 cup of passionflower tea one hour before bed led to improved sleep quality in the participants.

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