Fashion Friday: Boho Chic Jackets for Fall


I love this Embellished Magic Velvet Coat from Free People.  It is brilliant the way they paired it with the dress and boots, would take the whole ensemble, plus you gotta love the name of it:)

Embellished Magic Velvet Jacket

Embellished Magic Velvet Jacket



Okay I am not going to lie this next one is an absolute indulgence but can you imagine having a custom-made coat that inspires thinking of the amazing Steve Nicks with her gorgeous, well-known Bohemian Gypsy look. This Vintage Magical Hippie Jacket is beautiful and made to order.

Vintage Magical Hippie Jacket



The look of the Trench coat is timeless and Burberry has it down. Like this classy, elegant Cotton Sateen Trench. One can only imagine how good the material must feel…

Cotton Sateen Trench




It is always good to have a jacket with a hood for those rainy or extra windy days. Jayli’s Cotton Mudmee Tie Dye Zip Up is perfect for that and for wearing some colorful fall colors in the mudmee tie dyed tradition of Thailand.

Jayli Cotton Mudmee Tie Dye Jacket





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