Exploring The Burning Star – An Exploration Like No Other.

I have told a joke many times regarding a space mission that was going to fly to the Sun and one of the best ideas from a team member was that they should fly at night because it would be a lot cooler then.

So therefore I was inspired when I read about the NASA project which in essence is going to be about a mission to the sun.

The objective of this mission will be to explore the outer atmosphere of the burning star, the goal of which is to make observations in order to answer questions about stars and how they work.

“This mission will set out with the goal of improving forecasting of weather events in space and how they will affect Earth as well as affecting satellites, spaceships and astronauts traveling in space” – NASA said in a statement.

This is set to launch in the summer of 2018. what’s really cool is the actual space flight is going to pass Venus 7 times before it actually settles into its orbit around the sun. It is set to orbit the sun 24 times.

The spacecraft itself will be protected with a 4.5 inch thick carbon composite Shield and it is going to face temperatures nearly as high as 2500 F or 1377c.

This truly is a fascinating time and more details will be revealed soon when NASA sets out to announce the solar probe plus Mission

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