This Dutch Photographer Takes Awesome Photos of Wild Foxes and They’re Super Zen

Foxes are one of the most clever animals in the animal kingdom. They’re fast, have great instincts and are super adorable to boot!

What we don’t always see is that they can be the most chill and super peaceful species as well. They are probably more calm than us, humans!

We go every single day affected by the hustle and bustle of our daily lives that we forget to just stop, take a deep breath and appreciate life.

Well, these super zen foxes will teach us a thing or two about simplicity, calmness and happiness. Check out this adorable gallery.

Meet Roeselien Raimon. She’s a Dutch photographer who focuses on nature photography. Her work on red foxes have gained attention from different websites and her niche is just getting better! This time, she captures the Zen-masters at their best.


According to Raimon, foxes are her favorite animals aside from cats because they both know how to just live a fulfilled life. They eat when they’re hungry. They find a cool shaded place when they need to rest. They find a mate when they feel the need to reproduce. No drama. No stress.


Of course, we can’t entirely compare ourselves to these magnificent creatures. As humans, we’re designed to have feelings and emotions which we can, in turn, show in our speech and behavior. Animals have the same but with a less pronounced effect to their behavior.


Though each and every fox is not the same as the other, they all have one thing in common. They all have the ability to just take it slow, chill and be at peace.


The only time you’d see them on their toes would be if there’s a sign of a predator. They also get preyed on – whether by other predatory animals or hunters.


But most of the time, they’re pretty easy on life regardless of the weather. They simply adapt to it and these perfectly captured photos teach us to do the same once in a while.

We don’t have to always have things together. It’s okay to just set some things that worry us aside and just breathe. Sometimes that’s exactly what humans need to do. Be a clever fox!

Check out the rest of Roeselien Raimon’s work here. Or, follow her on Instagram @roeselienraimond.


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