DIY No Carve Bohemian Halloween Pumpkins

Have Fun With These Great Pumpkin Decorating Ideas

This Halloween have fun decorating pumpkins with out carving. They make for a great addition to your Halloween decor and can be displayed on your porch, in your house, or even used as a great center table piece for that Halloween bash you are throwing.

Carved pumpkins for Halloween is fabulous, no doubt, however, there are some amazing ideas that require no carving at all. If you are looking for some alternative ideas to carving here are a few to get you started and hopefully inspire your creativity. From paint, to flowers, and other fun materials you can create some amazing no carve bohemian Halloween pumpkins this holiday season.

1. Day Of The Dead Theme

Love these day of the dead themed pumpkins, you can really have fun with color and the addition of flowers and other materials.

no carve pumpkin

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2. Galaxy Art Pumpkin

These are out of this world. What a wonderful way to decorate a pumpkin. You can find the DIY tutorial here.


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3. Moon Pumpkin

I think this is one of my favorites and such a simple and sweet idea. A moon pumpkin, it would be neat if perhaps the flowers glowed in the dark.

no carve moon pumpkin

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4. All Laced Up

This is a perfect idea for a goth or Victorian themed Halloween party. A white pumpkin wrapped in black lace, lovely.

lace pumpkin

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5. Henna Pumpkins

These are a lovely addition for a more rustic or earthy Halloween theme. You can really have fun with different patterns.

henna pumpkins

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The white henna looks amazing too.

white henna pumpkins

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6. Owl Pumpkin

How about this darling owl pumpkin done with a sharpie, too cute! You can find the DIY tutorial here.

owl pumpkin

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7. Nature Pumpkins

What a clever way of incorporating nature into your Halloween/Fall decor. You could have a pumpkin decorating party in which first every one goes on a walk collecting natural treasures in which they use to then decorate their pumpkin with.

no carve nature pumpkins

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Do you have any great no carve pumpkin ideas? Please share in the comments below we would love to hear your ideas!




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