These Colorful Streets of Europe Are Every Travel Blogger’s Dream

Ask someone who has dreamed of traveling the world which continent he really dreams of visiting. Chances are, he would say Europe. And why not?

Europe is filled with beautiful countries with vast and rich cultures that enthralls many of her visitors. Plus, the architecture, scenery and food they offer is world class to boot.

Many travel bloggers write about the secret streets, ancient hidden treasures and undiscovered spots of the beautiful continent.

I have friends who have frequented Europe already and seeing the streets of Europe in their Facebook posts has got me curious. There are some streets that are just filled with color and are perfect for what we now know as the “blogger pose”.

Check out Europe’s most colorful streets!

La Muralla Roja, Spain


If you’ve seen the painting Relativity  by M.C. Escher, you’d think this street is exactly that painting brought to life and made colorful with the hues of red and pink.

Stortorget in Stockholm, Sweden


I’ve seen this street in many movies and I’ve fallen in love with the brick pavement and the buildings making it look like it was taken out of a fairy tale. It’s already beautiful in a picture. How much more in person?

Nyhavn, Copenhagen


It looks very similar to Stortorget, right? This one is in Denmark and is still on my list of places to visit. I would love to dine by the waterfront with a glass of wine and just enjoy the beauty!

Vernazza, Italy


Legends say fishermen painted the houses with different colors to differentiate them from the ocean. But, Vernazza was painted when the tourism industry in the island boomed in the 70’s and became more accessible to visitors.

Colmar, France


I feel like Belle is going to break out with Beauty and the Beast’s, Little Town. The street certainly has that feel of a quaint French village. I’d visit this place and probably break out into the song right away!

Main Square of Poznań, Poland


Believe it or not, the square didn’t always looked like this. During the World War II, the square was reduced to rubble and debris. It was then slowly rebuilt during the 1950’s and painted with Mediterranean colors.

There you have the most colorful streets in Europe! Did you pick one for your first EU blogger pose? I can only dream and hope to pose in each one of them!



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