Charm In A Viscose Patchwork Skirt

Unique, Upcycled, Overdyed Design

This lovely maxi skirt by Jayli has quickly become a favorite garment in my wardrobe. Made from the silky material of viscose it both looks and feels amazing on. Versatile and stylish this is a great skirt you will love for both spring and summer.

patchwork maxi skirt olive

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I have already worn mine quite a bit. Even taken mine on a trip already and I can say it is a perfect skirt to travel with, it goes with a range of tops and shoes so you can easily dress it up a bit, or wear it to the beach. The material is great even for really hot days, it doesn’t stick to your skin so you stay comfortable all day. If you need some extra warmth it is easy to wear stockings or leggings underneath it.

patchwork maxi skirt teal

Each one of these awesome maxi skirts is unique. Jayli takes left over cuttings from their material and patches them together, not only helping to reduce waste, but creating a wonderful design.

While each skirt may have different patches of patterns Jayli gives it a consistent look by over dying the whole garment in one color. I choose the olive over dye but I love the teal too. I would happily wear both. This is a patchwork maxi skirt you and your closet will no doubt love.

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