Boho Coffee Tables to Obsess Over.

Stunning Boho Coffee Table for Your Boho Chic Look

Hey there! If you’re as obsessed as I am with everything boho, then you’ve come to the right place. And guess what? Today, we’re diving deep into one of the most understated elements of a boho-chic living room – the coffee table. I’ve always been captivated by the free-spirited and vibrant world of boho decor. But what exactly is it?

Boho coffee table

What is Boho Decor? Boho or Bohemian decor is a style that’s all about expressing individuality. It’s an eclectic mix of vibrant colors, varied textures, and a blend of old and new. It’s as if you’re telling your personal life story, but through decor!

Origins of Boho Chic Did you know that the term ‘bohemian’ originally referred to people from Bohemia in Central Europe? Over time, it evolved to describe a lifestyle and aesthetic that’s unconventional and artistic.

Boho coffee table in living room

Why a Coffee Table Matters in Boho Decor

The Central Element While we often focus on bigger items like sofas or wall arts, the coffee table is like the anchor of your living room. It’s where your favorite books, plants, and trinkets come together.

Importance of Texture and Material A boho coffee table isn’t just about functionality. The textures, patterns, and materials speak volumes about your personality and style.

Colorful boho coffee table

Choosing the Perfect Boho Coffee Table

Size and Proportion Before anything else, think about the size. An oversized table can overwhelm a space, while a tiny one can feel lost. Find that sweet spot that complements your room.

Material Considerations

Wood Ah, the rustic charm of wooden tables! They add warmth and are super versatile. Whether it’s a carved Indian table or a simple reclaimed wood piece, the options are endless.

Glass If you’re aiming for a more modern touch, glass tables with boho accents like tassels or beaded table runners can be the way to go.

Metal Think of metal tables with intricate patterns, perhaps inspired by Moroccan or Turkish designs. They can add that touch of luxury and opulence to your space.

Styling Your Boho Coffee Table

Incorporating Natural Elements One word: Plants. Whether it’s succulents or a potted monstera, greenery can instantly elevate the look of your table.

Balancing Colors and Patterns With boho, there’s no such thing as too much. But remember, balance is key. If you have a colorful table, keep the trinkets neutral, and vice versa.

Adding Personal Touches Photographs, souvenirs from your travels, or even a hand-painted vase – make it personal. After all, boho is about expressing YOU.


Bringing the boho chic look to your home isn’t about following a set of rules. It’s about creating a space that resonates with your soul. And the coffee table, my friend, is where your boho journey begins. So, ready to brew some magic?


1. Where can I buy boho coffee tables? Many online retailers, local artisans, and vintage shops offer a range of boho coffee tables. Always keep an eye out for unique pieces! Here’s a link to Amazon if you want to browse some there

2. How do I maintain my boho coffee table? Regular dusting and using coasters can help. For specific materials like wood or glass, follow the manufacturer’s care instructions.

3. Can I DIY a boho coffee table? Absolutely! Get creative with paints, add textures, or even repurpose an old table with a boho twist.

4. What other decor items go well with a boho coffee table? Consider adding boho rugs, throw pillows, wall arts, and lighting to complement your coffee table and elevate the overall look.

5. Can I mix modern decor with boho? Of course! Mixing modern elements with boho touches can create a fresh and contemporary look that’s uniquely yours.

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