Beat The Harsh Elements Of Summer: Easy Essential Skin Care Tips

Sun Spots, Sun Burns And Bug Bites No Thank You!

While summer is a wonderful time of year it can also take its toll on our skin. We tend to spend more hours outdoors where we are exposed not only to the harsh rays of the sunlight but to bug bites and dehydration.

Obviously, no one wishes to spend all of their summer days indoors or avoiding the dangers of sunburns and bug bites. There are a few easy essential skin tips we can do in order to protect our skin while still enjoying our summer season.

Girl in Thailand wearing a sun hatA helpful suggestion is to always have handy a summer bag of essentials packed with the items needed to maximize your protection and enjoyment.


Yes, we all know this one is obvious. However, there is a lot of information out there that informs us we need sunscreen to avoid skin cancer and yet, due to chemicals found in many of them, can also be a cause of cancer. It puts us in quite a predicament and neither option feels great. Nor do they seem to solve the issue.

All natural sunscreen is a wonderful option. It offers the much needed protection against the sun without the cancer causing chemicals. I have done some research online to find a couple of great all natural sunscreens.Little Tree naturals Sun ScreenIt is key in finding an SPF that works best for you. These are helpful suggestions to get you started. Little Tree Naturals makes an amazing Coconut Raspberry Seed Sunscreen, or check out Hillside Honey Apiary’s All Natural Sunscreen Stick.


Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! Your skin needs to stay as hydrated as possible to stay healthy. Don’t let the sun dry out your skin without replenishing it with lots of H2O. Also, if you love going to the beach, the pool or the lake the water can also dry out your skin, help it and your body by drinking a lot of water.

Water for summer skincare


There is nothing worse than an evening or day spent outdoors getting eaten alive by bugs. No thank you! However, again some over the counter bug sprays contain unwanted chemicals.

All natural bug repellent recipeHere is a great DIY all natural buy spray recipe. Or, if you don’t have time to make your own, Little Tree Naturals, mentioned above for their natural sunscreen, makes a fabulous one.

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