Barefoot Sandals – For The Love Of Your Feet

“Walk as if you are kissing the Earth with your feet.”

– Thich Nhat Hanh

When I think of barefoot sandals, I think lovely jewelry for the feet. When I am walking barefoot, I imagine the energies of the earth entering me through the soles of my often under appreciated feet. Put the two together and it is as though you are a muse of the earth, running free, connecting with nature and expressing your gratitude and bliss for the beauty of expression.

When in nature – on the beach, deep in the forest, exploring the woods, experiencing the mountains or deserts, take off those shoes. Instead slip on a pair of barefoot sandals and feel the earth beneath your feet. It is a great way to reconnect ourselves to the natural energies of the world. To feel more grounded. I don’t think we do it enough at all. Walking barefoot has quite a few great benefits including help with anxiety and stress. It is amazing how the simple act of walking barefoot can have such positive results.

Lets not forget how lovely barefoot sandals look on too. They are a wonderful accessory and even considered jewelry. I also greatly appreciate how you can wear them with pair of shoes. It is like creating your own unique pair of shoes. From leather cord, to charms and beads and delicate crochet patterns there is a little something for every one. Here are a few barefoot sandals to get you started.

Beautiful Beads And Charms

These are a lovely mix of charm and beads with natural gemstones. The brown leather cord against the silver is a lovely contrast and the center piece is a showstopper.

Barefoot Sandals

Via Etsy

Mandala Tibetan Silver

The mandalas made of Tibetan silver are fabulous. The silver charms with blue cord reminds of me of a day at the beach.

barefoot sandals

Via Etsy

Gold Chain With Citrine Gemstone

The chain look is gorgeous with all the lovely tiers. The Citrine gemstone will shine in the sunshine.

barefoot sandal

Via Etsy

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