Awesomely Painted VW Buses

6. Blowing Kisses In The Wind

Blowing Kisses In The Wind VW Bus

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7. Make Love

Make Love VW Bus

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8. Shroom Vroom

Shroom Vroom VW Bus

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9. Yin & Yang

Yin Yang VW Bus

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10. Tie Dye Delight

Tie Dye Delight VW Bus

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11. Peace Baby

Peace Baby VW Bus

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If you are as big of a fan of VW buses as me be sure to check out these amazing VW Bus Campers, worthy of traveling cross country in.

How would you paint your VW bus? Would you go psychedelic, with a theme, or one that is completely different from this list? Share you thoughts in the comments below we would love to hear from you.

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