Awesomely Painted VW Buses

From flower power, amazing psychedelic art, to rock stars and peace buses, these awesome VWs have been painted with flair and passion. I can’t help but fantasize about what my VW bus would be painted like if 1) I had the talent to paint or draw, and 2) owned my own VW bus. 

Since I, unfortunately, have neither of these aspects in my life at the current moment, I will live vicariously through those who do.  A girl can dream right?

1 Glow In The Dark

VW Bus Glow In The Dark Paint

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2. Fantasy Delight

Fantasy VW Bus

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3. Cute Flower Power

Flower Power VW Bus

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4. Jimi & Jim

Jimi and Jim VW Bus

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5. Sunflower Bliss

Sunflower bliss VW Bus

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