A Summer Dress For Fun In The Sun

A Gorgeous Mudmee Maxi Tube Dress

If you’re looking for a stunning stand out summer dress this gorgeous maxi tube dress by Jayli is the answer. The mudmee tie dye swirls in a kaleidoscope of beautiful colors and  patterns. The silhouette is flattering and feminine and it can be dressed up or worn casually. A perfect summer dress addition for your wardrobe.

Normally I am not a huge fan of tube tops in general because they often continually fall down or are too tight at the top digging into your skin but that is definitely not the case with this amazing dress. I was extremely pleased at how comfortable the dress was to wear and I had didn’t have the fear of it falling down, not once. And no worries of not wearing a bra as it has enough support built into it.

Jayli Summer Dress

The cut is really flattering as well and the addition of the pockets…brilliant! This is the dress to wear at that poolside party, at a resort or a beach bonfire celebration. It easily goes from day to night.

Dress it up with some sassy sandals, a few great jewelry pieces and you are ready to go. For when it cools down in the evening throw a shawl around your shoulders or a sweet little cover up. I like to wear my mid length cover up over it too like this one.

Jayli Summer Dress

Each piece is hand dyed and unique, it’s like wearing a piece of art. If you are looking to hide in the shadows this is probably not the dress for that moment. However, if your looking for a wonderful, unique, comfortable, stylish dress that makes you shine I highly recommend this one. You will love it!

All images belong to Jayli

See the Mudmee Maxi Tube Top Dress HERE



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