A Moon Necklace In Turquoise And Gold

For The Love Of The Moon

The moon child in me swoons every time I see this gorgeous moon pendant necklace designed by Presh. I, like so many of us, adore the moon and all of its phases. It is the feminine energy, the goddess, the light that guides us through the darkness of night. The moon is magical and has long been revered as so, its phases and cycles guide us and pull us from the new moon to the full moon.

moon necklace by Presh

Each phase of the moon is gorgeous to gaze upon in the starry sky. I love when it is a sliver in the sky like Presh has designed their moon necklace to represent. What I find particularly unique and delightful is how it hangs pointing down rather than to the side. It is as though the moon is an umbrella shining down its energy and light upon us.

moon necklace by Presh

The gold tone chain and lining around the stone reminds me of the sun and how the two interact with one another in our universe. The color of the Howlite Turquoise is like a representation of the oceans and tides the moon presides over.

moon necklace by Presh

I would wear this piece alone as a lovely statement piece or layer it with other gold accented necklaces, like Presh’s gold pebble necklace. It is a piece that can easily go from a day at the office into an evening out with friends on the town. Elegant and feminine this is a wonderful design to add to your jewelry collection.

All images belong to Presh

See the Moon Necklace HERE.

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