A Milk & Honey Bath Recipe For Glowing Skin

Cleopatra is famously known for her amazing beauty. It is said she regularly bathed in a milk and honey bath to keep her skin glowing and soft. To this day, women all over world follow Cleopatra’s beauty practices with wonderful outcomes.

Taking baths are heavenly within themselves, offering us moments of quiet relaxation, and rejuvenation. Add a few natural ingredients and you enhance the bathing experience to another level.

What Is It About Milk And Honey Baths?

Milk and honey bath recipe

Milk is great for the skin because it acts as an amazing natural moisturizer. The fats and proteins found in milk, especially whole milk, assists in hydrating your skin and retaining moisture even after you step out. Keeping your skin soft and smooth. Milk is also hydrating for your hair too, so if you are like me and enjoy dunking your head under the water while bathing your hair will get a healthy dose of moisture too.

Honey benefits the skin in numerous ways. It is antibacterial, thus great for acne and breakouts. Is a perfect ingredient for exfoliation as it opens pores, allowing for any clogging to be released and shedding of dead skin cells to easily occur. To boot, honey is full of antioxidants assisting in slowing down aging, and it leaves your skin soft, silky and glowing.

The recipe itself is easy and quick to make. And worth it, very worth it.

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