A Lovely Handmade Wool Sweater

Who doesn’t love a cool looking, handmade wool sweater in the winter? I know I do. There is something so comforting when wearing a yummy wool sweater, especially a handmade one. This one designed by Jayli has the added benefit of a fleece lined hoodie, which I really appreciate. Particularly, when the wind is ice cold or during a light drizzle of rain.

Jayli Handmade Wool Sweater

The fact that this beautiful sweater is 100% hand knitted by a wonderful women’s co-op that Jayli employes, makes it all the better. The women, who are expected to play the traditional roles of wives and mothers are also able to contribute to the family income by doing handiwork part time. You can read more about this wonderful group of women here.

About The Design :

Handmade from wool it is lined with a soft, warm fleece for extra warmth and comfort. It has the added feature of a fleece lined hood and the loose loops around the front, cuffs and hem give this piece a funky look and feel. The sleeves were done a little longer to keep your hands warm as well as the two front pockets. 

How They Style It :

The great coloring in this sweater makes it wearable with a wide variety of bottoms, from leggings to jeans to black pants. The beautiful stripes never go out of style and dressing it up makes it fun and gives you so many options.

Jayli Handmade Wool Sweater

Why We Love It :

Each piece takes several days to make and when wearing this awesome Jayli piece you can see and feel the love that goes into making it. We love the coloring of it, the overall design and the story behind it.

Do you enjoy wearing hand knitted sweaters in the winter? Please share your thoughts with us, we love hearing from you.

All images belong to Jayli

See the Wool Handmade Sweater here.


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