A Legging Less Ordinary

Cuddling by the fire, or ramping it up at the gym, there is no occasion these colorful comfortable leggings don’t fit. I could practically live in them. The soft Rayon spandex is incredible to the touch, light weight and sexy, making them the most valuable piece of clothing in your wardrobe.

Jayli's Spandex leggings

As a functioning active wear piece I could easily find myself throwing on my hiking boots & hitting the trails, wearing them to my Pilates class, or slipping them on for the perfect Sunday ”I don’t want to get dressed” outfit and still look like I made the effort. We all have days like that right?

spandex leggings Jayli

About The Design:

Jayli is brilliant at turning must have closet basics into fashion statements. Made with a rayon/spandex blend these are extremely comfortable and soft. Each pair is hand dyed in the mudmee tradition.

How They Style It:

These leggings are a Jayli staple and can be worn in a variety of ways. Pair them with your favorite fleece zip up, or cozy jacket and scarf.

spandex leggings Jayli

Layer them under shorts or skirts. Or wear them as a stand alone piece with a funky solid top and belt.

spandex leggings jayli

Or, be like Jared Leto and wear them with just a fanny pack! They are so fabulous that even the boys are sporting them these day 🙂 I got such a kick when I came across this photo from this article on Huffington Post.

Jared Leto in mudmee spandex leggings Jayli

Why We Love It:

Mudmee tie dye is my favorite, one pair of these leggings wouldn’t be enough. Comfortable, sexy, and stylish they add funky flair to any outfit. Going to yoga? Check. Want an extra layer of warmth or color to go with that flirty mini dress? Check. They offer the comfort of leggings that we all love, but with added flair and style. And let’s not forget, even Jared Leto looks amazing wearing them.

What do you think? Would you love rocking these leggings? Please share your thoughts in the comments below, we love hearing from you.

Apart from the picture of Jared Leto all images belong to Jayli.

To see the mudmee leggings click here.

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