A Gypsy Jacket Delight

A Layer Of Warmth And Comfort

This long gypsy jacket by Jayli is a perfect added layer of style and warmth for your wardrobe. Made from cotton knit the fabric is lightweight and has lovely movement and flow to it. It feels wonderful on, a stand out piece that adds flair and elegance to any outfit.

Gypsy Jacket Delight

The fit and cut of this jacket is amazing. With so many great details in the extra material, buttons, ruffles and bell sleeves you cannot help but feel beautiful when wearing it. The sleeves hang perfectly so as not to be getting constantly in your way when moving about and they really are a wow factor to this gypsy jacket.

black dip dye gypsy jacket

Available in either a subtle tie dye or dip dyed pattern, the colors are perfect for year round. Wear it buttoned at the top for a more corset type look or leave it open and flowing. It can be worn over a short dress with stockings and boots, a maxi dress, leggings and a top, jeans and a sweater, the options are many.

blue tie dye gypsy jacket

This long gypsy jacket instantly gives great style to any outfit and can be dressed up or down. It is also a great piece for many different body types and is available in regular and plus sizes. Versatile, stunning and stylish this is an amazing gypsy jacket.

black tie dye gypsy jacket

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To see or shop for the Long Gypsy Jacket, it is available on Jayli’s website here for regular sizes and here for plus sizes.




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